Advancing Neuro-Inspired Lifelong Learning for Edge with Co-Design


  • Nicholas Soures
  • Vedant Karia
  • Dhireesha Kudithipudi University of Texas at San Antonio



ML: Lifelong And Continual Learning, ML: Distributed Machine Learning & Federated Learning, Learning On The Edge


Lifelong learning, which refers to an agent's ability to continuously learn and enhance its performance over its lifespan, is a significant challenge in artificial intelligence (AI), that biological systems tackle efficiently. This challenge is further exacerbated when AI is deployed in untethered environments with strict energy and latency constraints. We take inspiration from neural plasticity and investigate how to leverage and build energy-efficient lifelong learning machines. Specifically, we study how a combination of neural plasticity mechanisms, namely neuromodulation, synaptic consolidation, and metaplasticity, enhance the continual learning capabilities of AI models. We further co-design architectures that leverage compute-in-memory topologies and sparse spike-based communication with quantization for the edge. Aspects of this co-design can be transferred to federated lifelong learning scenarios.