Combining Minds and Machines: Investigating the Fusion of Cognitive Architectures and Generative Models for General Embodied Intelligence


  • Yanfei Liu Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
  • Yuzhou Liu Fusion AI Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Chao Shen CGN Research Institute CO., LTD



Cognitive Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI Model, General Embodied Intelligence, Hybrid Model


Cognitive architectures and generative models are two very different approaches for developing general embodied intelligence. This paper investigates their initial motivation, implementation ways, and the complementary strengths and weaknesses, and targets to fuse them into a general embodied intelligence so as to leverage strengths and complement weaknesses. Firstly, with analyzing their different application scenarios and the difficulties in further research and development, the potential synergy and possible integration strategies are explored between them. Then, by combining the strengths of cognitive architectures, which model human-like cognitive processes, and generative models, which excel in generating novel content based on learned patterns, it achieves the goal of creating embodied agents with enhanced overall capabilities. Finally, a comprehensive framework demonstrating the integration of cognitive architectures, generative models, and other AI methods to achieve general embodied intelligence is presented accompanied by an illustrative example.






Integration of Cognitive Architectures and Generative Models