PNP: A Review Framework towards Efficient NeRF Study and Research


  • Jin Qi Yeo NVIDIA Corporation, Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Aik Beng Ng NVIDIA Corporation
  • Kan Chen Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Pallavi Mohan NVIDIA Corporation
  • Frank Guan Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Simon See NVIDIA Corporation



NeRF, Neural Radiance Fields, Computer Vision, Deep Learning


Rapid advancements in techniques and applications of NeRF technologies have been seen in both academia and industry recently. It becomes apparent that there is a need to consolidate and organize the theoretical and practical knowledge on the end to end pipeline of using NeRF technology. To facilitate the study and research on NeRF technologies, we propose a novel framework that identifies the key stages for NeRF related technology, namely: Pre-NeRF, NeRF, Post-NeRF, or ``PNP" in short. Each stage has four attributes: A description of what and how NeRF technology is adapted at that stage, the common challenges faced, software that is used to handle the tasks, and how it is applicable to the next stage in the framework.