The Computer Science Network


  • Lawrence H. Landweber



The CSNET project, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, has as its goal the design and implementation of a computer communications network to provide services to computer science research groups in the United States. Experience with Arpanet has shown that access to a computer network can lead to significantly higher level of interaction between geographically dispersed researchers. This can result in an increase in the quantity and quality of research produced by these researchers. In addition, it is expected that availability of a network will help address the current 'crisis in computer science' by encouraging more researchers to remain at universities. In this regard, a goal of CSNET is to foster "universal connectivity', i.e., participation by every university, industrial, and government computer science research group in the United States. By December 1982, over eighty university, government, and industrial sites will be participating.




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Landweber, L. H. (1982). The Computer Science Network. AI Magazine, 3(4), 40.



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