Reflections on the ARPA Experience


  • Robert S. Engelmore



When I returned to Stanford last summer after a two-year leave of absence, serving as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Projects Agency, I was frequently asked about that experience. It was superb experience, for many reasons. As a program manager I had near-perfect vantage point from which to view the entire field of Artificial Intelligence. Not only did I become better acquainted with the most creative and active people in the field, I was also personally kept up to date on their latest research. ARPA is not just a place to go to provide a public service, but is really a central node in the research network for collecting and integrating results and disseminating them to the broader community: government, industry and the public at large. Moreover, it was my responsibility to identify new avenues of research and/or applications of research, coupled with the resources (limited, but real) to make these new activities happen -- a unique opportunity.




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