No AI Is an Island: The Case for Teaming Intelligence


  • Matthew Johnson IHMC
  • Alonso Vera NASA Ames Research Center



The purpose of this article is to draw attention to an aspect of intelligence that has not yet received significant attention from the AI community, but that plays a crucial role in a technology’s effectiveness in the world, namely teaming intelligence. We propose that Al will reach its full potential only if, as part of its intelligence, it also has enough teaming intelligence to work well with people. Although seemingly counterintuitive, the more intelligent the technological system, the greater the need for collaborative skills. This paper will argue why teaming intelligence is important to AI, provide a general structure for AI researchers to use in developing intelligent systems that team well, assess the current state of the art and, in doing so, suggest a path forward for future AI systems. This is not a call to develop a new capability, but rather, an approach to what AI capabilities should be built, and how, so as to imbue intelligent systems with teaming competence.




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Johnson, M., & Vera, A. (2019). No AI Is an Island: The Case for Teaming Intelligence. AI Magazine, 40(1), 16-28.