Towards the AI Index


  • Yoav Shoham Stanford University



AI is all the rage these days, and with the attention comes the responsibility – our responsibility, as AI researchers and practitioners – to communicate clearly about our field. What areas are progressing, and at what pace? What are the successes and the challenges? Will AI improve our lives? For example, will it increase productivity, open up new business opportunities, lengthen life expectancy and improve its quality? Or is AI a threat to society? For example, will it eliminate jobs, accentuate biases, or lead to unfair concentration of knowledge and wealth? Many people are chiming in on these questions. Opinions diverge, which is to be expected in a fast-moving area with more unknowns than knowns. It is an important conversation to have. And precisely because of the inherent uncertainty, it’s important that the conversation be anchored in fact. It’s hard enough for AI practitioners to keep track of everything that’s going on in our exploding field and make sense of it, and it’s all the more daunting to outsiders. The goal of the AI Index is to provide precisely this factual basis to the conversation, in an open, not-for-profit fashion.

Author Biography

Yoav Shoham, Stanford University

Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus




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