Solving Mathematical Puzzles: A Challenging Competition for AI


  • Federico Chesani University of Bologna
  • Paola Mello University of Bologna
  • Michela Milano University of Bologna



Recently, a number of noteworthy results have been achieved in various fields of artificial intelligence, and many aspects of the problem solving process have received significant attention by the scientific community. In this context, the extraction of comprehensive knowledge suitable for problem solving and reasoning, from textual and pictorial problem descriptions, has been less investigated, but recognized as essential for autonomous thinking in Artificial Intelligence. In this work we present a challenge where methods and tools for deep understanding are strongly needed for enabling problem solving: we propose to solve mathematical puzzles by means of computers, starting from text and diagrams describing them, without any human intervention. We are aware that the proposed challenge is hard and of difficult solution nowadays (and in the foreseeable future), but even studying and solving only single parts of the proposed challenge would represent an important step forward for artificial intelligence.




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Chesani, F., Mello, P., & Milano, M. (2017). Solving Mathematical Puzzles: A Challenging Competition for AI. AI Magazine, 38(3), 83-96.



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