The Angry Birds AI Competition


  • Jochen Renz The Australian National University
  • Xiaoyu Ge The Australian National University
  • Stephen Gould The Australian National University
  • Peng Zhang The Australian National University



The aim of the Angry Birds AI competition (AIBIRDS) is to build intelligent agents that can play new Angry Birds levels better than the best human players. This is surprisingly difficult for AI as it requires similar capabilities to what intelligent systems need for successfully interacting with the physical world, one of the grand challenges of AI. As such the competition offers a simplified and controlled environment for developing and testing the necessary AI technologies, a seamless integration of computer vision, machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, reasoning under uncertainty, planning, and heuristic search, among others. Over the past three years there have been significant improvements, but we are still a long way from reaching the ultimate aim and, thus, there are great opportunities for participants in this competition.




How to Cite

Renz, J., Ge, X., Gould, S., & Zhang, P. (2015). The Angry Birds AI Competition. AI Magazine, 36(2), 85-87.



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