Sustainable Policy Making: A Strategic Challenge for Artificial Intelligence


  • Michela Milano University of Bologna
  • Barry O’Sullivan University College Cork
  • Marco Gavanelli University of Ferrara



Policy making is an extremely complex process occurring in changing environments and affecting the three pillars of sustainable development: society, economy and the environment. Each political decision in fact implies some form of social reactions, it affects economic and financial aspects and has substantial environmental impacts. Improving decision making in this context could have a huge beneficial impact on all these aspects. There are a number of Artificial Intelligence techniques that could play an important role in improving the policy making process such as decision support and optimization techniques, game theory, data and opinion mining and agent-based simulation. We outline here some potential use of AI technology as it emerged by the European Union (EU) EU FP7 project ePolicy: Engineering the Policy Making Life-Cycle, and we identify some potential research challenges.




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Milano, M., O’Sullivan, B., & Gavanelli, M. (2014). Sustainable Policy Making: A Strategic Challenge for Artificial Intelligence. AI Magazine, 35(3), 22-35.