Decision Making in Complex Multiagent Contexts: A Tale of Two Frameworks


  • Prashant J. Doshi University of Georgia



multi-agent systems, decision making, uncertainty


Decision making is a key feature of autonomous systems. It involves choosing optimally between different lines of action in various information contexts that range from perfectly knowing all aspects of the decision problem to having just partial knowledge about it. The physical context often includes other interacting autonomous systems, typically called agents. In this article, I focus on decision making in a multiagent context with partial information about the problem. Relevant research in this complex but realistic setting has converged around two complementary, general frameworks and also introduced myriad specializations on its way. I put the two frameworks, decentralized partially observable Markov decision process (Dec-POMDP) and the interactive partially observable Markov decision process (I-POMDP), in context and review the foundational algorithms for these frameworks, while briefly discussing the advances in their specializations. I conclude by examining the avenues that research pertaining to these frameworks is pursuing.

Author Biography

Prashant J. Doshi, University of Georgia

Associate Professor of Computer Science




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Doshi, P. J. (2012). Decision Making in Complex Multiagent Contexts: A Tale of Two Frameworks. AI Magazine, 33(4), 82.