If You Like Radiohead, You Might Like This Article


  • Oscar Celma Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies (BMAT
  • Paul Lamere The Echo Nest




With the recent dramatic transformations in the world of digital music, a music listener is now just a couple of clicks away from being able to listen to nearly any song that has ever been recorded. With so much music readily available, tools that help a user find new, interesting music that matches her taste become increasingly important. In this article we explore one such tool: music recommendation. We describe common music recommendation use cases such as finding new artists, finding others with similar listening taste, and generating interesting music playlists. We describe the various approaches currently being explored by practitioners to satisfy these use cases. Finally, we show how results of three different music recommendation technologies compare when applied to the task of finding similar artists to a seed artist.


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Celma, O., & Lamere, P. (2011). If You Like Radiohead, You Might Like This Article. AI Magazine, 32(3), 57-66. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v32i3.2363