Optimizing Limousine Service with AI


  • Andy Hon Wai Chun City University of Hong Kong




A common problem for companies with strong business growth is that it is hard to find enough experienced staff to support expansion needs. This problem is particular pronounced for operations planners and controllers who must be very highly knowledgeable and experienced with the business domain. This article is a case study of how one of the largest travel agencies in Hong Kong alleviated this problem by using AI to support decision-making and problem-solving so that their planners and controllers can work more effectively and efficiently to sustain business growth while maintaining consistent quality of service. AI is used in a mission critical fleet management system (FMS) that supports the scheduling and management of a fleet of luxury limousines for business travelers. The AI problem was modeled as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP). The use of AI enabled the travel agency to sign up additional hotel partners, handle more orders and expand their fleet with their existing team of planners and controllers. Using modern web 2.0 architecture and proven AI technology, we were able to achieve low-risk implementation and deployment success with concrete and measurable business benefits.

Author Biography

Andy Hon Wai Chun, City University of Hong Kong

Chief Information Officer




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Chun, A. H. W. (2011). Optimizing Limousine Service with AI. AI Magazine, 32(2), 27-41. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v32i2.2346