AAAI 2008 Workshop Reports


  • Sarabjot Singh Anand University of Warwick
  • Razvan C. Bunescu Ohio University
  • Vitor R. Carvalho Microsoft Live Labs
  • Jan Chomicki University of Buffalo
  • Vincent Conitzer Duke University
  • Michael T. Cox BBN Technologies
  • Virginia Dignum Utrecht University
  • Zachary Dodds Harvey Mudd College
  • Mark Dredze University of Pennsylvania
  • David Furcy University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Evgeniy Gabrilovich Yahoo! Research
  • Mehmet H. Göker PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Hans Werner Guesgen Massey University
  • Haym Hirsh Rutgers University
  • Dietmar Jannach Dortmund University of Technology
  • Ulrich Junker ILOG
  • Wolfgang Ketter Erasmus University
  • Alfred Kobsa University of California, Irvine
  • Sven Koenig University of Southern California
  • Tessa Lau IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Lundy Lewis Southern New Hampshire University
  • Eric Matson Purdue University
  • Ted Metzler Oklahoma City University
  • Rada Mihalcea University of North Texas
  • Bamshad Mobasher DePaul University
  • Joelle Pineau McGill University
  • Pascal Poupart University of Waterloo
  • Anita Raja University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Wheeler Ruml University of New Hampshire
  • Norman M. Sadeh Carnegie Mellon University
  • Guy Shani Microsoft Research
  • Daniel Shapiro Applied Reactivity, Inc.
  • Trey Smith Carnegie Mellon University West
  • Matthew E. Taylor University of Southern California
  • Kiri Wagstaff Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • William Walsh CombineNet
  • Ron Zhou Palo Alto Research Center



AAAI was pleased to present the AAAI-08 Workshop Program, held Sunday and Monday, July 13–14, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The program included the following 15 workshops: Advancements in POMDP Solvers; AI Education Workshop Colloquium; Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems, Enhanced Messaging; Human Implications of Human-Robot Interaction; Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommender Systems; Metareasoning: Thinking about Thinking; Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling; Search in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; Spatial and Temporal Reasoning; Trading Agent Design and Analysis; Transfer Learning for Complex Tasks; What Went Wrong and Why: Lessons from AI Research and Applications; and Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence: An Evolving Synergy.

Author Biographies

Sarabjot Singh Anand, University of Warwick

Department of Computer Science

Senior Lecturer

Razvan C. Bunescu, Ohio University

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Vitor R. Carvalho, Microsoft Live Labs


Jan Chomicki, University of Buffalo

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Associate Professor

Vincent Conitzer, Duke University

Department of Computer Science

Department of Economics

Assistant Professor

Michael T. Cox, BBN Technologies

Intelligent Computing Group

Senior Research Scientist

Virginia Dignum, Utrecht University

Information Science

Institute of Information and Computing

Assistant Professor

Zachary Dodds, Harvey Mudd College

Computer Science Department

Associate Professor

Mark Dredze, University of Pennsylvania

Department of Computer and Information Science

Ph.D. Student

David Furcy, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Department of Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Yahoo! Research

Senior Research Scientist

Mehmet H. Göker, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Center for Advanced Research

Research Director

Hans Werner Guesgen, Massey University

School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Professor of Computer Science

Haym Hirsh, Rutgers University

Department of Computer ScienceProfessor

Dietmar Jannach, Dortmund University of Technology

Department of Computer Science


Ulrich Junker, ILOG

Distinguished Scientist

Wolfgang Ketter, Erasmus University

Rotterdam School of Management

Assistant Professor

Alfred Kobsa, University of California, Irvine

Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences


Sven Koenig, University of Southern California

Department of Computer Science

Associate Professor

Tessa Lau, IBM Almaden Research Center

Research Staff Member

Lundy Lewis, Southern New Hampshire University

Department of Information Technology

Department Chair and Associate Professor

Eric Matson, Purdue University

Department of Computer and Information Technology

Assistant Professor

Ted Metzler, Oklahoma City University

Wimberly School of Religion and Graduate Theological Center

Adjunct Faculty Member

Rada Mihalcea, University of North Texas

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

University of North Texas

Bamshad Mobasher, DePaul University

School of Computing


Joelle Pineau, McGill University

School of Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Pascal Poupart, University of Waterloo

School of Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Anita Raja, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Department of Software and Information Systems

Assistant Professor

Wheeler Ruml, University of New Hampshire

Department of Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Norman M. Sadeh, Carnegie Mellon University

School of Computer Science


Guy Shani, Microsoft Research

Machine Learning and Applied Statistics


Daniel Shapiro, Applied Reactivity, Inc.


Trey Smith, Carnegie Mellon University West

Systems Scientist

Matthew E. Taylor, University of Southern California

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Kiri Wagstaff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Machine Learning Group


William Walsh, CombineNet

Senior Research Scientist

Ron Zhou, Palo Alto Research Center





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Anand, S. S., Bunescu, R. C., Carvalho, V. R., Chomicki, J., Conitzer, V., Cox, M. T., Dignum, V., Dodds, Z., Dredze, M., Furcy, D., Gabrilovich, E., Göker, M. H., Guesgen, H. W., Hirsh, H., Jannach, D., Junker, U., Ketter, W., Kobsa, A., Koenig, S., Lau, T., Lewis, L., Matson, E., Metzler, T., Mihalcea, R., Mobasher, B., Pineau, J., Poupart, P., Raja, A., Ruml, W., Sadeh, N. M., Shani, G., Shapiro, D., Smith, T., Taylor, M. E., Wagstaff, K., Walsh, W., & Zhou, R. (2009). AAAI 2008 Workshop Reports. AI Magazine, 30(1), 108.



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