AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium Series Reports


  • Thomas Barkowsky
  • Peter Bruza
  • Zachary Dodds
  • Oren Etzioni
  • George Ferguson
  • Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
  • Bernhard Hommel
  • Benjamin Kuipers
  • Rob Miller
  • Leora Morgenstern
  • Simon Parsons
  • Holger Schultheis
  • Adriana Tapus
  • Neil Yorke-Smith



The 2007 Spring Symposium Series was held Monday through Wednesday, March 26-28, 2007, at Stanford University, California. The titles of the nine symposia in this symposium series were (1) Control Mechanisms for Spatial Knowledge Processing in Cognitive/Intelligent Systems, (2) Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents, (3) Intentions in Intelligent Systems, (4) Interaction Challenges for Artificial Assistants, (5) Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning, (6) Machine Reading, (7) Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Socially Assistive Robotics, (8) Quantum Interaction, and (9) Robots and Robot Venues: Resources for AI Education.




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Barkowsky, T., Bruza, P., Dodds, Z., Etzioni, O., Ferguson, G., Gmytrasiewicz, P., Hommel, B., Kuipers, B., Miller, R., Morgenstern, L., Parsons, S., Schultheis, H., Tapus, A., & Yorke-Smith, N. (2007). AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium Series Reports. AI Magazine, 28(3), 94.



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