Reports on the 2006 AAAI Fall Symposia


  • Joshua Bongard
  • Derek Brock
  • Samuel G. Collins
  • Ramani Duraiswami
  • Tim Finin
  • Ian Harrison
  • Vasant Honavar
  • Gregory S. Hornby
  • Ari Jonsson
  • Mike Kassoff
  • David Kortenkamp
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Ken Murray
  • Alexander I. Rudnicky
  • Goran Trajkovski



The American Association for Artificial Intelligence was pleased to present the AAAI 2006 Fall Symposium Series, held Friday through Sunday, October 13-15, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Washington, DC. Seven symposia were held. The titles were (1) Aurally Informed Performance: Integrating Ma- chine Listening and Auditory Presentation in Robotic Systems; (2) Capturing and Using Patterns for Evidence Detection; (3) Developmental Systems; (4) Integrating Reasoning into Everyday Applications; (5) Interaction and Emergent Phenomena in Societies of Agents; (6) Semantic Web for Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition; and (7) Spacecraft Autonomy: Using AI to Expand Human Space Exploration.




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Bongard, J., Brock, D., Collins, S. G., Duraiswami, R., Finin, T., Harrison, I., Honavar, V., Hornby, G. S., Jonsson, A., Kassoff, M., Kortenkamp, D., Kumar, S., Murray, K., Rudnicky, A. I., & Trajkovski, G. (2007). Reports on the 2006 AAAI Fall Symposia. AI Magazine, 28(1), 88.



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