AAAI 1997 Spring Symposium Reports


  • Brian R. Gaines
  • Mark A. Musen
  • Ramasamy Uthurusamy
  • Susan Haller
  • Susan McRoy
  • Douglas Oard
  • David Hull
  • Alexander Hauptmann
  • Michael Witbrock
  • Kevin Mahesh
  • Adam Farquhar
  • Michael Gruninger
  • Jon R. Doyle
  • Richard H. Thomason



The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) held its 1997 Spring Symposium Series on 24 to 26 March at Stanford University in Stanford, California. This article contains summaries of the seven symposia that were conducted: (1) Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management; (2) Computational Models for Mixed-Initiative Interaction; (3) Cross-Language Text and Speech Retrieval; (4) Intelligent Integration and Use of Text, Image, Video, and Audio Corpora; (5) Natural Language Processing for the World Wide Web; (6) Ontological Engineering; and (7) Qualitative Preferences in Deliberation and Practical Reasoning.




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Gaines, B. R., Musen, M. A., Uthurusamy, R., Haller, S., McRoy, S., Oard, D., Hull, D., Hauptmann, A., Witbrock, M., Mahesh, K., Farquhar, A., Gruninger, M., Doyle, J. R., & Thomason, R. H. (1997). AAAI 1997 Spring Symposium Reports. AI Magazine, 18(3), 81.



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