AAAI President's Message


  • Allen Newell



Births are always interesting affairs. According to some, births are always traumatic — a shock to come from the womb to the new world. The birth we give witness to here is that of a new society, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence — AAAI. It has not seemed to me traumatic, but rather almost wholly benign. In a world where not much is benign at the moment, such an event is devoutly to be cherished. The proper topic for this initial message is talk about beginnings and circumstances, goals and aims, character and style. My premier duty as president of AAAI, it appears, will be to give a presidential address at the upcoming annual meeting. Specific precedents being absent, I need to give thought to what belongs in an AAAI presidential address. But one thing I already know: That talk should be devoted to our science, not our society. It should be substantive , not procedural. It should look inward at the state of what we know about intelligence and computers, not outward at our place in the larger society. It is in this message that earthly matters belong.




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