The 2004 AAAI Spring Symposium Series


  • Lola Canamero
  • Zachary Dodds
  • Lloyd Greenwald
  • James Gunderson
  • Ayanna Howard
  • Eva Hudlicka
  • Cheryl Martin
  • Lynn Parker
  • Tim Oates
  • Terry Payne
  • Yan Qu
  • Craig Schlenoff
  • James G. Shanahan
  • Sheila Tejada
  • Jerry Weinberg
  • Janyce Wiebe



The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University's Department of Computer Science, presented the 2004 Spring Symposium Series, Monday through Wednesday, March 22-24, at Stanford University. The titles of the eight symposia were (1) Accessible Hands-on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Education; (2) Architectures for Modeling Emotion: Cross-Disciplinary Foundations; (3) Bridging the Multiagent and Multirobotic Research Gap; (4) Exploring Attitude and Affect in Text: Theories and Applications; (5) Interaction between Humans and Autonomous Systems over Extended Operation; (6) Knowledge Representation and Ontologies for Autonomous Systems; (7) Language Learning: An Interdisciplinary Perspective; and (8) Semantic Web Services. Each symposium had limited attendance. Most symposia chairs elected to create AAAI technical reports of their symposium, which are available as paperbound reports or (for AAAI members) are downloadable on the AAAI members-only Web site. This report includes summaries of the eight symposia, written by the symposia chairs.




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Canamero, L., Dodds, Z., Greenwald, L., Gunderson, J., Howard, A., Hudlicka, E., Martin, C., Parker, L., Oates, T., Payne, T., Qu, Y., Schlenoff, C., Shanahan, J. G., Tejada, S., Weinberg, J., & Wiebe, J. (2004). The 2004 AAAI Spring Symposium Series . AI Magazine, 25(4), 95.



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