A Structured Analysis of Experience Management Techniques


  • Giulio Mori Reykjavik University
  • David Thue Carleton University and Reykjavik University
  • Stephan Schiffel Reykjavik University


As a field of study, Experience Management spans a set of technology that is becoming increasingly relevant in applications that aim to improve the experiences of their users. Given the youth of the field, however, few attempts have been made to identify and discuss the common elements of systems that manage user experiences as they occur. In this paper, we consider a subset of existing AI experience managers in the context of a shared conceptual framework. We offer directly comparable summaries of the managers that we discuss, and we highlight how some of them use different technologies to perform similar tasks. While many experience managers remain undiscussed, we nonetheless demonstrate that distinct, well-defined components exist across a diverse set of managers, and that a modular method for building new managers might well be within reach.




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Mori, G., Thue, D., & Schiffel, S. (2019). A Structured Analysis of Experience Management Techniques. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 15(1), 174-180. Retrieved from https://ojs.aaai.org/index.php/AIIDE/article/view/5241