POST: POlicy-Based Switch Tracking


  • Ning Wang University of Science and Technology of China
  • Wengang Zhou University of Science and Technology of China
  • Guojun Qi Futurewei Technologies
  • Houqiang Li University of Science and Technology of China



In visual object tracking, by reasonably fusing multiple experts, ensemble framework typically achieves superior performance compared to the individual experts. However, the necessity of parallelly running all the experts in most existing ensemble frameworks heavily limits their efficiency. In this paper, we propose POST, a POlicy-based Switch Tracker for robust and efficient visual tracking. The proposed POST tracker consists of multiple weak but complementary experts (trackers) and adaptively assigns one suitable expert for tracking in each frame. By formulating this expert switch in consecutive frames as a decision-making problem, we learn an agent via reinforcement learning to directly decide which expert to handle the current frame without running others. In this way, the proposed POST tracker maintains the performance merit of multiple diverse models while favorably ensuring the tracking efficiency. Extensive ablation studies and experimental comparisons against state-of-the-art trackers on 5 prevalent benchmarks verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.




How to Cite

Wang, N., Zhou, W., Qi, G., & Li, H. (2020). POST: POlicy-Based Switch Tracking. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(07), 12184-12191.



AAAI Technical Track: Vision